Group Bookings

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Group lessons – Japanese (price per person)
Two students
Children and students £14
Adults £18

Three students
Children and students £12
Adults £15

Four students (maximum)
Children and students £10
Adults £13

Additional lesson costs
Any lessons taught at the student’s own home will be subject to an additional travelling cost of £6 standard charge that covers travel in Northampton. For further distances, £6 plus 30p per mile that the tutor has to travel.

Students are expected to bring their own notebooks and writing equipment to each lesson. The company will provide worksheets and reference-only textbooks at no extra cost. If students wish to use the photocopier or printer, there is a 10p charge per black and white page, and a 15p charge per colour page.

Independent study
Students may request use of the classroom and text books for independent study, agreeable at the company’s discretion.

All prices are subject to change.